Colonel Holt Waring

Colonel Holt Waring JP – Listed in the lodge record books as living at Lisnacree  We do know that his daughters Grace & Margaret served in the Kilkeel UVF nursing corps.He was related to a namesake also Lt Col Holt Waring who was killed as he led a mixed company comprising of 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers and 12th Royal Irish Rifles in a counterattack against the Germans which succeeded in stymieing thir attempted advance to occupy a strategic British held position.Lt Col Waring was buried where he fell aged just 41. For this gallant action he was awarded a Victoria Cross. 

England’s population to soar by 1,000 a DAY for next decade but where will they all live as housing crisis looms?

  • England’s population set to grow by more than four million in 10 years
  • London expected to near 10m mark by 2022 – with extra 2.5m in South
  • Number of retired people will increase by a fifth putting strain on NHS
  • Population boom will increase housing crisis as millions forced to rent
  • One in five homes now rented out – a 50% rise in a decade
  • But more than a million homes now lying empty  
  • Tory peer Lord Lamont says immigration costs Government billions

By Tom Mctague, Mail Online Deputy Political Editor

 England’s population is growing by 1,000 a day, official figures revealed this morning.

The number of people in the country is expected to soar from 53 million to more than 57 million between 2012 and 2022, according to the Office for National Statistics. This amounts to an extra 384,410 people a year – or a city the size of Nottingham.

But the population boom is expected to add to the growing housing crisis – as fresh figures emerged this morning showing a boom in renting and overcrowding.

England's population is booming - with every region set to grow between 2012 and 2022

 Almost one in five homes in England are now rented – a 50 per cent increase in just 10 years. The number of owner occupied homes meanwhile dropped from 69% to 64% over the same period.

Homes with six or more people also spiked – rising by a quarter in just 10 years, including one in 25 homes in London.

But at the same time 1.1 million homes lay empty in 2011 – a 21 per cent spike in a decade.

England's population is expected to boom in the next decade - with London, the South East and parts of the East Midlands (coloured in dark purple) set to grow more quickly than elsewhere

Despite a booming population and growing demand for homes the number of people living in each household has plummeted over the last 100 years
Despite a booming population and growing demand for homes the number of people living in each household has plummeted over the last 100 years
The housing crisis is being made more acute by the growing number of homes being left empty. The Office for National Statistics revealed today that more than a million homes are now unoccupied

The housing crisis is being made more acute by the growing number of homes being left empty. The Office for National Statistics revealed today that more than a million homes are now unoccupied

 Dan Wilson Craw, of Generation Rent, said: ‘Today’s statistics confirm that our broken housing market is creating deep divisions in society – wealthy property owners can afford to leave houses to stand empty, while more people who can’t buy are forced to squeeze into overcrowded private renting.

‘The government has no hope of reversing this trend with a scheme like Help to Buy – the nation’s renters need better rights in the rental market if they want to live somewhere they can genuinely call home.’

While an increasing number of homes sit unoccupied, the pressure to get on the housing ladder is expected to soar as the population booms over the next eight years.

London, the South East and East Anglia are expected to take most of the new population.

The capital itself will be home to 9.4million by mid 2022 up from 8.3million in 2012 – an increase of 13 per cent.

South East England will grow by 7.8 per cent and the East of England by 8.6 per cent. The North East will experience the slowest population growth – adding just 2.9 per cent over 10 years.

Soaring house prices have pushed more and more people into rented accommodation, the Office for National Statistics has found. Almost one in five homes is now rented out
As more than a million homes lie empty, people are squeezing themselves into properties. The number of homes with six or more people in them has soared by 25 per cent in 10 years

Of the 13 per cent projected growth in London, almost 90 per cent is because of a boom in the number of babies being born. Just 10 per cent is due to immigration.

Although London is a destination for many people migrating to live and work, both from other regions and internationally, there are also large numbers of people who leave the capital.

One reason for the ‘natural’ population boom is because London has only a little over 11 per cent of its population aged 65 and over – compared with most other regions where 17 per cent of the population are pensioners.

The number of people aged 65 and over is projected to increase in all regions by an average of 22 per cent between mid-2012 and mid-2022. The fastest growth in those aged 65 and over is seen in the East Midlands where the number is projected to increase by 25 per cent from 8.1 million to 10.1 million over the 10 year period.


Former Tory Chancellor Lord Lamont today hit back at Labour claims that immigration was good for the economy.

He said it was obvious that the size of the economy would grow if there were more people in the country – but that did not mean people would be better off as a result.

The Conservative peer said ‘most of any benefit goes to immigrants themselves’.

Writing in the Times, he wrote: ‘In judging the pros and cons of immigration what matters is not as they argue GDP but GDP per head.

‘Immigration may enlarge the economy by having more people but that does not benefit the existing population unless it increases living standards per head.’

His remarks came after Lord Hutton and Alan Milburn, the former Labour cabinet ministers, urged the Government not to crack down on immigration.

Lord Lamont said: ‘Immigrants between 1995 and 2011 cost the Exchequer £95 billion.

‘Hutton and Milburn argue that migrants are a “bulwark against an ageing population”, but as our report pointed out immigrants also grow old and trying to deal with that phenomenon through yet further immigration would require ever escalating levels of immigration.’

He added: ‘What cannot be denied is the massive impact of immigration on the size of our population. If we allow it to continue at the average of the past ten years we will add ten million to the UK population in the next 20 years with at least 60 per cent of the increase due to immigration.’
Lord Lamont said ‘practically nobody wants to see this’.

The Tory peer said dismissing ‘genuine and justified concerns’ was ‘simply to play into the hands of extremists’.

He added: ‘It is not a more stringent immigration policy which would have “serious consequences for the wellbeing of our economy and society”, as they claim.

‘On the contrary, it is failure to respond to the clear and consistent wishes of three quarters of our population that would indeed have such consequences.’

Has the EURO hit its biggest sell since inception?

Has the EURO hit its biggest sell since inception?

Lars Seier Christensen Lars Seier Christensen

co-founder & CEO / Saxo Bank A/SDenmark

I have to admit that I have been surprised by the EURO’s resilience in recent months. I am sure an army of rear-mirror analysts can provide a logical explanation. But frankly, relatively few of the same group a year ago would have forecast the 1.40-ish level we are seeing in EURUSD lately. Nevertheless, here we are. But that doesn’t change my belief that reality and gravity may finally return to this, the world’s largest market.

Readers of my past blogs and editorials elsewhere will know that I think the EUR is a monumentally bad idea. In fact, if it is possible to hate a financial asset, I hate the EUR. It has created countless victims in its trail, de facto bankrupted multiple countries, lost most of an entire young generation in Southern Europe and lead Europe in the direction of a totalitarian super state. So yes, I hate the EUR. May it disappear one day soon, leaving only a sad and frightening memory of an irresponsible, dangerous experiment that is never to be repeated. It will also leave behind gigantic economic and human costs. But it would be far better to take that unavoidable loss soon, before it becomes impossible to reverse. Recovery will follow much sooner if the root cause of the current malaise is removed.

I admit it would be naive to think that the EUR situation will be resolved anytime soon owing to the vast amount of political capital that has been invested in it. The huge European bureaucracy and especially the political elite that feed off the EU will do all they can to prevent the EUR’s fall, at least until it becomes inevitable. This will be either due to pressure from voters (even if they are very rarely consulted in this post-democratic political structure) or from the markets, which eventually must reassume their role that has been perverted beyond recognition during the crisis: the true role of allocating capital and pricing money and assets rationally.

But if we are stuck with this “Currency of Mass Destruction”, shouldn’t we at least try to make some money from it? I think it is a fair assumption that the EUR either has already topped out here ahead of 1.4000, or is at least very close to doing so. In trading terms, that means beginning to build a short position from current levels and adding to it more aggressively in case of a retest of recent highs. Technically, that is not unlikely at all, but I believe any upside from here will be very modest and very short-lived should it happen. Also note that volatility is at very low levels relative to historical norms, so shorting via options is not a bad option for a lower-risk strategy.

Why are we likely near or at the highs for the cycle? I think a number of elements point in that direction:

1. The economy is extremely weak across the entire EU area and the EUR should never have been where it is in the first place.

2. The Eurozone wants the EUR lower — and needs it lower. The ECB is probably less skilled and less inclined to drive down its currency than other central banks, but this level is simply getting too painful even for the complacent European Central Bank..

3. Deflation is right around the corner and I think the probability is much higher than the 20 percent odds being bandied round by the IMF and others.

4. The Bundesbank seems to be giving up on its usual resistance to quantitative easing. Not a good sign at all as they are the only true guardian of healthy money left in a world of competitive devaluation. Nevertheless, it seems to be happening. The alternative is negative interest rates, but either outcome should drive the EUR lower.

5. There will be more and more unrest in Europe as unemployed youth and public sector employees will make up a strange coalition of bedfellows with small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) as their interests align against the big business / big bank / political elite coalition. Never forget that SMEs create the jobs, but have very limited access to credit.

6. The populations of Europe will continue to rebel against the undemocratic Brussels, trying to force through one hare-brained, intrusive measure after the next. The obvious, and rare, opportunity to express dissent will be the EU Parliament elections in late May. I think the protest movements will do extremely well in the UK, France, Italy and elsewhere.

7. And finally — technically the EUR looks top heavy after the multiple attempts above 1.3800 in EURUSD in recent months couldn’t get anything going to the upside. As well, volatility is simply too low to stay here forever, and there could be strong momentum and trading interest if the EUR breaks to the downside.

So all in all, things are stacking up against the EUR, even without mentioning the unsustainable debt/GDP ratios, the fragile banking system, the geopolitical embarrassment of Europe’s extreme inability to act decisively and the external economic shocks coming from, among others, China and Russia.

The number of things that can go wrong for the EUR are legion. What can go right is hard to imagine. But I have been wrong before, so do your own homework.

We have priced in the different options in the table below with a EURUSD spot reference of 1.3754. You can see the price in vols and in pips for each of the options and the p/l after six months with different achieved spot levels:


Source: Saxo Bank

And here you have the comparison between implied and historical vols for six-month EURUSD:

Options chart

Source: Bloomberg

Six-month 25 Delta RR 

Options chart

Source: Bloomberg

Safe trading!

BBC Accuses Nigel of racism where UKIP candidate is a SIKH

About a week ago Nigel was at Britwell, Slough. The establishmnent left wing BBC chappy was interviewing Nigel and came to the obvious question of racism. 

Why are all you supporters around you here white? he asked Nigel smugly. A gent standing close by, one Jag Singh stepped forward, a good sized man and a Sikh. How come this unobservant (only see what you want too see) BBC reporter had not spotted him earlier? 

Slough candidate Jag Singh was wearing a large UKIP rosette as he took up position beside his leader



Perhaps that particular BBC man will not be so quick with his preconceived racism remarks in future. 

Who was the real racist here? I think the one who was so steeped in his own propaganda stereotypes and so eager to prove it, all he could see was what that led him to believe he saw.




PS I just loved this little anecdote from Nigel in this video:-

“I had a lovely letter last week from a 92 year old UKIP supporter, former Bomber Command & he wrote to me & said Nigel, the reason your receiving flak is YOUR GETTING NEAR THE TARGET”


Cross-Party campaign to brand UKIP racist

Lets have a little bit of what the BBC likes to call balance to this one sided debate for example


Tory councilor Dr. Peter Moseley, was a former BNP member,

Tory councilor Danny Mayzes, said a film featuring violent vigilantes offered a good way of dealing with immigrants

 Tory councillor David Whittaker was found guilty of sexual assault on a child and causing a child under the age of 16 to watch a sexual act.

Tory MP Aiden Burely who went to a Nazi stag do with people who were dressed in SS uniforms that’s ok. He’s still an MP

Tory councillor John Morgan from Highclere Gardens was convicted of stealing £150,000 from now deceased 92-year-old Beryl Gittens between 2004 and 2012

Tory John Cherry made “openly racist” racist remarks about ethnic-minority schoolchildren from London studying in West Sussex.

Tory party adviser Patrick Rock described as David Cameron’s policy fixer, Rock, 62, was a key member of the Prime Minister’s inner circle at Downing Street, and had been involved in drawing up Government policy on internet porn filters.was detained on child porn charges in February 

Tory Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, resigned after allegetions by the Parliamentery Standards Watchdog that she misappropriated £45,000. A committee of her fellow MPs decided she repay just £5,800 of the expenses she imbezzled.

Tory peer Lord Hanningfield jailed for falsely claiming £28,000 in parliamentary expenses.

Tory Political Research Unit holding gay orgies and billing the taxpayer for the sessions at the £2500 a night Light Apart Hotel


Labour Party allowed Margret Burke to run and be elected as a councillor even though she was Deputy Fuhrer of a Neo Nazi group.

Labours Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt in the Labour party leadership who along with Lord Justice Fulford helped promote the aims of the Pedophile Information Exchange in its attempts to legalise sex with babies as young as four years old

Labours Shadow cabinet minister Jack Dromey On a visit to a Royal Mail sorting office made racist remarks calling a postal worker a “pikey” on Twitter

Labour councillor Nilgun Canver found guilty of falsely claiming money from Harrow Council

Labour councillor Mahmood Hussain said he could not support a prospective female councillor because she was too white and a Jew

Labour blogger Steven Downes &  candidate Andrew Pelling, arrested by Police for assaulting his pregnant wife in Croydon published racist remarks that an Indian-born Tory candidate was unsuitable to represent the area as he didnt even hold a UK passport

Labour councillor Ann Jackson dismissed the people of Tower Hamlets as nothing more than curry people in a email.

Labour MP  Ian Lavery was criticised after he posed for a picture with his son who had blacked up to look like Michael Jackson

Labour Peer Lord Ahmed racist jibes blaming Jewish-owned media organisations for his imprisonment for dangerous driving

Labous Diane Abbot threatened with the sack unless she withdrew racist jibes she made on twitter


Lib Dem candidate David Jack for Stoke North resigned after being caught making racist comments by e-mail

Lib Dems whoes leader Nick Clegg has developed a bad case of amnesia over the balooning Cyril Smith child abuse affair plus about to be sued by Smiths victims.

Lib Dem Councillor Stephen Fenwick Worcester Park convicted of a racially aggravated assault on a train against an immigrant.

Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock accused of sexually abusing a constituent and remains an MP for them.

Lib Dem Warren Swaine made blatantly racist comments about MP Chuka Umunna Labour MP for Streatham

Lib Dem candidate Anna Pascoe was forced to apologise over the offensive racist leaflet she issued which described her Cornish Nationalist opponent as being a “GREASY HAIRED T**T”

Lib Dem  Ajit Atwal who is a councillor and magistrate refused to resign after posing with an AK-47 rifle and posting the picture on Twitter.

Lib Dems Tom Winnifrith and Jonathan Mathews suggestion that black people were responsible for problem estates were party candidates in Tower Hamlets London
Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws resigned from the Cabinet  falsely claiming around £40,000 in expenses on a second home owned by a secret partner
Lib Dem Lord Rennard affair when 11 female members of the party brought sexual misconduct allegations against the parties biggest donator dating back to 2003 when the first groping allegations were made to by victims to the party but were quietly hushed up.

Lib Dem De Ja Vu 1st Lord Rennard now Cyril Smith – Cleggs disfunctional leadership

Nick Clegg abandoned his leadership responsibilities over the Lord Rennard affair when 11 female members of the party brought sexual misconduct allegations against the parties major donater dating back to 2003 when the first groping allegations were made to by victims to the party but were quietly hushed up . Now that lack of firm leadership is rapidly re-emerging as the more serious Cyril Smith timebomb explodes in the middle of his clearly difunctional party led as it now emerges an equally dysfunctional deputy prime minister of all people. In 2010 Clegg denied he knew anything about the allegations surrounding Lord Rennard well it seems history is repeating its self regarding the current Cyril Smith child abuse allegation as once more he is claiming he knew nothing. Is there anything this man actually admits to knowing about the goings on of his own party


The Loyal Labour Bollinger Bolshevics Opposition:

The Loyal Labour Bollinger Bolshevics Opposition:


David Camerons Coalition Rich List

Cameron £4mn; Clegg £2mn; George Osborne £5mn; Theresa May £2mn Wm Hague £5mn; Sir George Young £1mn; Grant Shapps £42 mn; Philip Hammond £8mn; Michael Gove £1mn Ed Davey *** Owen Paterson £1.5 mn Jeremy Hunt £21mn Justine Greening ***
Chris Grayling *** Teresa Villers *** Alistair Carmichael *** Danny Alexander ?? Patrick Mcloughlin ?? David Jones *** Iain Duncan Smith £1mn; Ken Clarke £2 mn Lord Hill £10 mn; Andrew Lansley £1 mn; Dominic Grieve £3mn





Labour Conservatives & Lib Dems all mired in moral corruption

The Labour parties Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt along with Lord Justice Fulford are all damningly implicated in assisting the most vile individuals it is possible to imagine on this planet in an attempt to morally and socially normalise acceptance (UNDER THE LAW AT LEAST) of the most bestial abhorrent acts of pedophilia against babies as young as four years old. They campaigned on behalf of the Paedophile Information Exchange in its attempts to legalise these vile acts.


The Conservatives have been most recently in the media via the lurid activities of their Policy Research Unit members holding gay orgies and billing the taxpayer for the sessions at the £2500 a night Light Apart Hotel.


The Lib Dems are also caught out covering up for the serial child abuse by one of its ex party grandees Cyril Smith who they knew was involved in these activities but chose to cover it up for the last 40 years.

Now it is emerging Cyril Smith was not alone as he led a ring of serial abusers also his victims are going to sue the Liberal Democrats for damages!

Going to hell in a handcart dosent come close!!